Loading Zone in Chicago

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This was my first appearance outside of the state of California, Right On Target had just hit the dance charts.  I did a three city tour, this was a Loading Zone party in Chicago, I then went to Texas to the Loading Zone there, and then New Orleans and played a third club -- three clubs over two weekends.  This floor I was standing on was stainless steel, and the dry ice had just evaporated, and it was so wet I could barely move without falling down!  The feedback was terrible, because look at the speaker behind me that the microphone can easily point at.  From this appearance I learned that sometimes the sound check actually meant I had to rearrange the sound in the club to be able to do a live show.  Most singers prior sang along with the record, or traveled with a band.  I always sang live, and the tracks were a specially made instrumental recording of the recent release.

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