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"I love working with Jeff! He's incredibly creative and talented. He makes the whole writing and recording process painless. Can't wait until our next session!"
Paulina Logan
"Working with Jeff Crerie on my EP was an amazing experience! He creates a wonderfully, safe, open, and supportive enviornment, while still bringing new and fresh ideas to the table. His years of expertise as a producer, engineer, composer, and musician make for someone who will make your musical ideas come to life! I came to Jeff with some very unorthodox ideas of the sort of acoustic sounds I wanted to create for my album, and he not only fully realized my ideas with me, he exceeded my expectations! Within just a few sessions, we had created a workflow that allowed us to track vocals, instruments, etc quickly and efficiently, while mixing and mastering along the way. I could not be happier with end result of the songs I have done with Jeff, and I would recommend him to anyone that is in need! UTMOSIS is the way to go!"
Celisse Henderson
"Jeff and I joined creative forces to write and produce my latest album, Take It From Me. We had a great time bouncing melodies, lyrics and music off of one another. Some of the songs went places I had thought of going before, like Piovendo Per Te, but just never had the time and structure to pursue. Each of the songs has either a challenging aspect or an element of just pure and simple fun. At this time we're involved with some remixes and collaborations with other producers across the world, and Jeff's studio ability, creativity, and thoughtfulness regarding the material make them all the more solid upon completion. Thanks Jeff, keep doing what you do so well."
Paul Parker
"While I had performed on two Grammy Award-winning recordings as a vocalist in the past, I had never made a recording of an original song when I met Jeff. I came to him with the idea we might record one song together. That project quickly turned into a second, and we ended up with an album that launched me into a successful, professional career as a full-time singer/songwriter. The initial album we made together lead to an immediate signing to Tommy Boy Entertainment based on the recording alone. The eventual 2008 album release, Hide Nothing includes two songs co-written with Jeff. When you work alongside Jeff Crerie you quickly realize he is from another planet -- one where creativity, patience and electrified collaboration are the fossil fuels. Jeff seemed to read my mind as we mixed and engineered my songs together, taking joy in charting new territory together and relying on our ears and instincts to lead the way. I would recommend Jeff for any recording or writing project as his talents and motivations are of the utmost purity and elegance."
Matt Alber
"I live in Chicago and wanted to work on my music for a children’s CD I was planning to record. I was planning a trip to L.A. so I thought I would search the internet for someone out West to work with. I luckily happed upon Jeff Crerie. He seemed to have what I needed to get the project rolling and now I am pleased to be collaborating with him on our own children’s CD. My colloboration with Jeff has brought my work to another level and I am extremely fortunate to have him guiding me. We talk a lot on the phone and he understands what I need instantly and can interpret those conversations into fun exciting musical recordings for kids."
Jean Vanier (a.k.a. Jeannie McQueenie)
"There are no words to express Jeff's warm heart. We met at a NOH8 event at the House of Blues, standing in line together. Little did we know of the magic that was coming to light! Calling him 'extremely talented' would be an understatement. Jeff is a master at his craft and there is never EVER a dull moment in the studio. I think our chemistry and dynamic really flow well. He listens, understands, and is always so generous to share his wisdom. I have absolutely nothing but gratitude and love for him, for he has helped me tremendously with the launch of my early music career. I couldn't ask for anyone better! We're currently working on my debut EP and super excited for more amazing music!!"
Iris Leonardo
"Working with Jeff has been a wonderful, positive, and FUN experience! He is incredibly insightful, encouraging, and he's a supremely gifted and talented producer and songwriter. Every time I work with Jeff I learn something new, and I leave our sessions feeling inspired and excited about music and songwriting. Not only does he excel at what he does, but he is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients, too. He has a level of integrity that is hard to find these days. I highly recommend him."
Chantel Robinson