"While I had performed on two Grammy Award-winning recordings as a vocalist in the past, I had never made a recording of an original song when I met Jeff. I came to him with the idea we might record one song together. That project quickly turned into a second, and we ended up with an album that launched me into a successful, professional career as a full-time singer/songwriter. The initial album we made together lead to an immediate signing to Tommy Boy Entertainment based on the recording alone. The eventual 2008 album release, Hide Nothing includes two songs co-written with Jeff. When you work alongside Jeff Crerie you quickly realize he is from another planet -- one where creativity, patience and electrified collaboration are the fossil fuels. Jeff seemed to read my mind as we mixed and engineered my songs together, taking joy in charting new territory together and relying on our ears and instincts to lead the way. I would recommend Jeff for any recording or writing project as his talents and motivations are of the utmost purity and elegance."
Matt Alber

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